Category and Customer Analytics

Discover risks and growth opportunities. Share insights to empower brands’ growth. Monetize your data.

Your first-party data is gold. Turn it into needle-moving experiences

With NIQ Activate’s Category and Customer Analytics solution, you can:

Truly understand your customer behaviors and preferences to drive category growth through smarter assortments and more effective promotions.

Share insights with your suppliers, empowering them to drive business growth and increase funding.

Monetize your first-party data and create new revenue streams.

  • Increase category and brand sales through actionable insights
  • Increase supplier funding through smarter collaboration
  • Create new revenue streams via data monetization
Key features
Key features


Out-of-box insight reports

Gain customer-centric omnichannel insights for better category, assortment and promotions related decision-making


Segmentation studio

Build personas and precise audiences in a couple of clicks across 1000s of customer attributes


Supplier collaboration portal

Align with your brands on customer needs and maximize your data and media monetization through one ‘source-of-truth’


How FreshDirect tripled their suppliers’ investments and leveraged Actionable insights for business growth

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