Retailers are growing their e-commerce revenues with e-commerce accelerator.

Consumer & Shopper Tracking

E-commerce Accelerator

Discover growth opportunities by measuring online sales performance and buyer behavior across major market retailers.


Rapid e-commerce growth isn’t slowing down

Access granular e-commerce sales and shelf-performance data anytime, anywhere. Through an intuitive dashboard that provides immediate, daily updates, you can quickly identify and optimize digital decisions throughout your organization.

Track assortment and promotion impact
Identify price gaps and dispersion
Improve media mix and shopper experience

e-commerce performance and win

Navigate the rapidly growing e-commerce landscape with fast, clear digital shopping insights that enable your business to develop successful strategies. Optimize promotion efficacy, digital shelf placement, and pricing strategy with granular, detailed data. Align your company’s internal KPIs to support seamless analysis and custom views to create a fully personalized and unique experience.


Double Days drive consumer goods sales in Asia

Vaughan Ryan

By Vaughan Ryan E-Commerce Managing Director, Asia Pacific, NielsenIQ
20 April, 2022, 2 mins read

Key features
Key features


Fastest e-commerce updates

Monitor e-commerce performance more closely than ever before through daily data tracking to respond immediately to shifting market trends.


Granular, accurate

Access detailed SKU-level data, by retailer or seller, that’s validated and harmonized with other NielsenIQ data for greater accuracy and consistent reporting.


Action-oriented analysis

Quickly execute e-commerce improvements with NielsenIQ’s intuitive self-service data dashboard, providing you with action-oriented digital shelf analytics.

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