Retail Media Intelligence

Powering ads that work for customers, retailers, and brands.

Increase your customers’ value and drive growth intelligently

NIQ Activate’s Retail Media solution enables retailers to increase their margins by accelerating the launch of their retail media network with an end-to-end solution for data management, automated activation, and measurement and attribution.

Our SaaS solution increases the return on ad spend (ROAS) by generating better engagement and increased wallet and basket size share, leading to a win-win-win solution for retailers, brands, and consumers.

  • Power ads that truly work for your customers
  • Enhance operational efficiency with an end-to-end solutions
  • Create new revenue from data monetization and increased supplier funding
Key features
Key features


Insights hub

Identify opportunities for personalized ads that matter to your consumers, and measure their performance and ROI


Segmentation studio

Build precise targeting audiences in a couple of clicks across 1000s of customer attributes


Offer and Ad manager

Rapidly nominate, launch and manage ads and retail media campaigns in a few clicks and at scale

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