Supply Chain Analytics

Stay ahead of the competition with a collaboration, integrated, and preemptive Supply Chain reporting and management solution.

Optimize costs, maximize revenue, and deliver on your customer promise

NIQ Activate’s Supply Chain Analytics is an integrated supply chain reporting and management solution with intelligent diagnostic reporting and measurement across the entire supply chain.

With our advanced analytics and AI-infused solution, you can quickly and preemptively prevent supply chain disruptions, maintain on-shelf availability, and improve future forecasting, planning and management.

  • Optimize cost and improve topline revenue
  • Identify potential out-of-stocks before they occur
  • Align distribution to maximize promotions
Key features
Key features


Accurate Predictive Capabilities

Predict where and when out-of-stocks will happen by merging NielsenIQ data with advanced technology-driven analysis


Timely, Actionable insights

Get insights into why availability issues happened, when and where they happened, and what to implement to fix them


The Full View

See out-of-stock impact on sales across brands, categories, and retail stores

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