May 16-19

Forte Village Resort, Sardinia (CA)

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The Linkontro 2024 Theme

Imagining New Enterprises

Visions, Values, Skills

In the time of volatility, uncertainty and complexity in turbulent scenarios due to fluctuating economic cycles, geopolitical instability with dramatic contours, and high-impact technological revolution, it turns out that current business models are no longer sufficient and an extraordinary shift of change is needed to reinvent new Enterprises capable of facing the great challenges of our future.

Technology has changed the way we live and work. Technological innovation is moving at exponential rates and change is inevitable. Think of Generative Artificial Intelligence and the impacts on the world of manufacturing and services.

Another major challenge is sustainability, which covers environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues such as moving toward a zero-emissions economy, respecting human rights and adopting policies of inclusion and diversity.

It is clear that we are facing strong, challenging and ongoing changes. The responsibility of those called to lead businesses today is to make strong decisions to build our future. Big enterprises to refound new enterprises.

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Ilaria Belmonte

Advisory Board of Linkontro 2024

Get to know the group of leaders from major Italian FMCG companies who participated in the content direction of Linkontro 2024.

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