BASES Innovation Measurement

Seeing the Total Marketplace Performance of innovations

An AI powered platform using exclusive innovation-specific characteristics + syndicated source data from NIQ RMS to provide a “total marketplace view” to easily enable:

》Early and continuous new innovation identification

》Evaluate how you and your competitors stack up on innovation performance

》Harmonized launches to inform pre-launch activation and proactive post-launch measurement

》Significant time savings for cross-functional and support teams

Now with Launch Performance Ranks

Discover the enhanced capabilities of BASES Innovation Measurement, enabling you to effortlessly evaluate the success of your product launch.

With just a few clicks, measure the launch’s overall health and effortlessly compare it to past launches within the same product category.

Gain valuable insights to refine your strategies and drive future success.

Collaboration platform with total marketplace context

24 / 7
Always On

Drive more growth with just a few clicks

A new CPG product enters the market every two minutes.

But you don’t need a library of spreadsheets or an army of analysts to understand the innovation market.

With BASES Innovation Measurement, you can automate the tasks of measuring, monitoring, and managing innovations in your category, and ensure your next launch drives meaningful growth.

Why Innovation Measurement?

Innovation growth boosts overall growth

Manufacturers growing innovation sales in 2022 were


more likely to grow overall sales compared to those with stagnant or declining innovation sales

Three Distinct Application Tools

Innovation Activity

Innovation Benchmarker

Innovation Profiler

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