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Join us as we delve into deal days—the unofficial kick off to the 2023 holiday shopping season.

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Deal Days Diaries:

The American Consumer’s Journey Through Prime Big Deal Days 2023

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Home decor


Health & wellness

The majority (73%) of Prime Big Deal Day shoppers surveyed spent under $200; with a most (70%) purchasing 6 items or less

Repeat Shoppers Spent Less

55% of shoppers surveyed noted that they were repeat shoppers from July’s Prime event with 40% of consumers surveyed reporting that they spent less than they did in July

Deal Day makes a small dent in holiday shopping

80% of consumers who shopped this week’s Prime Big Deal Day event noted that they have completed up to 25% of their holiday shopping

Close-up of a young Asian woman grocery shopping in the supermarket, holding a bottle of preserved vegetables and reading the nutrition label. Making healthier food choices.

Top Motivators are equal parts presents and pantry loading

Consumers shopped this week’s Prime Big Deal Day to deal seek (close to 40%).
While this is the unofficial kickoff to the holiday spending season, this fall event was equally seen as a time to stock up on everyday essentials AND to holiday shop (both 31%).

Black Friday remains relevant (for now)

A majority (69%) of consumers surveyed still plan on shopping Black Friday

TikTok tops the list of influences for beauty consumers

For beauty shoppers who shopped this week’s Prime Big Deal Day event, Tiktok was the biggest influencer in product purchases

Source: NIQ Fall Prime Big Deal Day Survey 2023, conducted on Tuesday, October 10, 2023, garnered responses from 2,500 U.S.-based consumers


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