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Preparing for a cookieless world means maximizing first-party data.

Uncover the Full View of audiences with NIQ first-party consumer purchase and behavior data. Panel match your data with NIQ’s globally renowned data sets to build Seed Audiences and pinpoint the right consumers fit for campaign outreach.

The Evolution of Audience Targeting: Welcome to the Future

By Rena Patel, SVP, Global FMCG Marketing

Welcome to the forefront of consumer-centric marketing, where the fusion of data-driven insights and strategic understanding unveils unparalleled opportunities for media and brand agencies, consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands, and in-house marketers alike. In a landscape dominated by the dynamic interplay of consumer behavior and information, the key to unlocking a truly personalized experience lies in harnessing the power of NIQ seed audience data. From the recent NexTech Summit in New York, this video featuring Brett Jones, SVP, Global New Verticals from NIQ and Ryan Engle, VP of Identity Solutions from Transunion delves into the pivotal role that consumer-based data plays in sculpting personalized interactions.

Discover how leveraging NIQ first-party data allows you to navigate the intricacies of targeting, enable the delivery of tailor-made content through precisely chosen channels at the opportune moment, and elevate consumer engagement to unprecedented heights.

NielsenIQ and TransUnion Collaborate to Enable Targeted

Advertising with First-Party Retail Purchase Data

Why NIQ?
Why NIQ?

Amplify Your Reach

Elevate your Audience Measurement, Insights, and Retail Media Solutions by integrating your media data with NIQ’s world-class consumer insights. 

Unlock the power of Seed Audiences — built with First-party data – to confidently target audiences with precision and support privacy-first media strategies. 

What makes us different?
What makes us different?
Reduce audience costs 

Build lookalike models backed by retail purchase data

Tailor creative with precise insights

Be more creative and optimize spend with precise audience data

Uncover the Full View

Align media strategy to consumers’ ever-shifting behavior

Decoding the Digital World: Adtech Insights into Consumer Behavior and Campaign Performance


Explore our Media + Adtech data solutions that allow you to measure advertising impact on sales, consumer behavior, and optimize campaigns for business success.


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